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OBIETTIVO TROPICI is an Italian firm working in national and international entertainment field, where it reached a high quality and proficiency level, thanks to its members’ experience and to the co-operation with well-known business partners all over Europe.

OBIETTIVO TROPICI provides a wide range of services in order to develop and improve entertainment activities in holiday-resorts; to go on in details it prepares shows, organizes incentives, training stages and educational, paying a special care to Amusement and sport.

OBIETTIVO TROPICI insures, as well, a professional and reliable staff able, not only to help the tourist with any kind of problem that might arise, but also the tour operator / hotels it is working with.
In order to meet all kind of customers requirements, each member of our staff receives a specific training, aiming to improve not only their knowledge and experience, but above all their personality, main element to get in touch with guest.

As far as it concerns animation OBIETTIVO TROPICI provides:

  • qualified and trained equips with a well-known background.
  • a day and evening programme, intentionally studied, by professional man in order to satisfy the great variety of demands and needs.
  • a well-organized mini and junior club where the animators, not only make the children amuse all the day long with games, parties, craft and sports, but also make them feel like little stars during night show, realised just for their needs
  • a high quality and professional sport services with trained teachers, whose aim is not only to give theorical and practical lessons but above all to make people amuse and get friend

Finally we can say that our idea about animation is your winner choice.



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appunti di viaggio

13 hours ago

appunti di viaggio

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Saluti finali dal blu Salento village... Una stagione Unica... — with Armando Murolo.

14 hours ago

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Il cala luas vi saluta così dopo la stagione un abbraccio

14 hours ago

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Esperia Palace Hotel...La vostra Vacanza..Obiettivo Tropici

22 hours ago

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E il Sairon Si Saluta e Vi saluta... Ci son stati i Primi, i Vincitori, i Soliti, i Divi, quelli che non hanno creduto in noi e quelli che hanno fatto di tutto per non farci arrivare al Nostro Obiettivo... Ma dopo tutto ciò c'eravamo Noi 10 senza riserva, senza mai fermarci senza mai andare in panchina abbiamo chiuso una stagione con ogni sorta di problema affrontandolo al meglio con la nostra arma migliore... Il Sorriso!!! Non l'ho mai gridato ma Siamo stati dei grandi!!! Uniti come una famiglia...soffrendo, stringendo i denti e restando concentrati sulla meta!!!senza mai perdere quel Sorriso portando la gente dentro il nostro mondo quella stessa gente che ci acclamava come fossimo degli attori veri su quel palco, quella gente che ci sorrideva e non vedeva l'ora che fossimo li pronti a farli ridere di cuore, emozionare e addirittura piangere di tristezza per il rientro a casa! Bravi a Noi Bravi a Voi!!! Perché siete stati cosi Matti da non Mollare!!! Mai!!! E adesso dopo il meritato risposo Ci Auguro di Cuore Buona Fortuna Amici!!! Conquistate la Vostra Vita e fate della cosa che più amate il Vostro Mestiere!!! Un abbraccio speciale!!!Arrivederci.... Adry Rdj! Alessandra Benfante Serena Sardano Nicole Zavaglia Niko Ramazzotti Anthony Guè Stefano Santoro Argese Cristian Ezia Grasso Andrea Antonicelli

2 days ago

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Antonio BattezzatoSiete stati super bravi e super fantastici.speriamo di incontrarvi in seguito.1   ·  2 days ago

Cristina Alexebraviiiiii auguri ragazzi buona fortuna!!!!!1 day ago

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Games and entertainment during holidays. For the family, but especially for your children. Tuka Tuka Club is an important reference for the young resort guests. During the vacation Tuka Tuka Club allows children to join the activities organized by the staff, allows them to play with the available games and toys and helps them to socialize with other children.


Junior Eden Klub, created by Obiettivo Tropici, is a multifaceted workshop reserved for youngsters from 12 to 17 years old, which allows them to cultivate their talents and discover new interests as regards music, arts, games and shows.

The vacation gets more pleasant and captivating for young guests, who succeed in finding an ideal place to spend nice days in company and and share with their new friends something that goes beyond a simple holiday.

There are four main concepts:

CREACTIVITY - A daily surprise activity that has to do with creativity and art.

ACTION – Original challenges made of colorful squirts and funny fights.

GAME & ENTERTAINMENT - Games and competitions on the seashore and in the swimming pool, and many kinds of performances, shows, music…

FOREVER FRIENDS - A brand new online community which makes youngsters keep in touch thanks to pictures, thoughts and travel diaries.


Blutto Club, created by Obiettivo Tropici, is organized in order to give pleasant inspirations to the children from 4 to 12 years old, who are received according to their age and individual needs: Mini Club is for 4 to 7-year-olds, Maxi Club is for 8 to 12-year-olds and, if provided, Junior Club is for 13 to 17-year-olds.

Daily activities of Blutto Club plan various games and activities related to workshops and to theatre:

Fantasy workshop

Game, toy and book workshop

Handling workshop

Work with us

To work as an entertainer in a holiday village or in a hotel, either in summer or in winter, either in Italy or abroad (in wonderful exotic places, too) is an experience as funny as hard.

The request is huge: in this realm there are frequent turnovers, agencies always look for new employees to integrate, both general and qualified: entertainment leaders (you can be a leader after some years of experience), dance instructors, mini-club assistants and supervisors, various sports instructors (aqua gym, aerobics, windsurfing, diving…), it depends on the activities available at the resort.

The staff guarantees board and lodging (travel-costs refund is often included) and a wage which sometimes may not be that high, it depends on your work experience and on your role in the staff. You can also start in your teenage years and become a leader at the age of twenty.

Seasons last two or three months, but in certain cases you can work for a shorter period (ten days, two weeks) or a longer one. Before starting, see to get informed about what can be reimbursed, about how many hours you will have to work and, so on. During your job interview you can ask for every information about the work, you can talk about all of your doubts. Bear in mind that you will be working all the time:  in a holiday village, in front of the customers, you must respect certain rules (for example you cannot smoke or talk while wearing sunglasses) and be polite. The entertaining leader or the agency will explain you everything before starting.

According to the leader’s observations (this is the way it works) the non-respect of the rules – discussed or not – can entail the stopping of work. So be careful! Sometimes you will have to work a bit longer than usual:  you may have to rehearse before a performance, keep the customers company in certain moments, sleep few hours and get up early without forgetting to  smile and be active!

As you can see, this job can be very difficult and very lively, too. The working environment can also be determined by the people you work with: a leader might make your season terrible or, on the contrary, fantastic! Everything depends on your personality. Indeed, to work as an entertainer you have to be sociable, friendly, polite, tolerant and have an enterprising spirit (besides a huge patience!).

If you are nice and kind to the guests of the resorts, the smallest problems can be tolerated. The prime aim is to entertain the people! In any case it is very important to be informed in time, so that you will not have surprises. After ensuring you will be able to leave and then…good luck!

We wish you an unforgettable experience!


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